Quest: Ripples

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There are a few people who can give you this quest: the vodyanoi priest (#1), the Fisher King (#2), the Lady of the Lake (#3), and Julian (in Murky Waters).


To get the quest moving, you'll need to talk to the vodyanoi priest or to Julian. They'll tell you that humans and the vodyanoi aren't getting along, and that they hired a witcher to settle their dispute, but that he didn't do anything. You'll find the witcher, Berengar, in the Lakeside crypt (#4). After helping him clear the crypt, Berengar will wipe his hands of the matter, and he'll suggest that you talk to the priest and to Julian to learn more about the conflict.

Julian will tell you that the dispute centers around some underwater ruins. The ruins used to be a human city, so the humans feel entitled to them, but the vodyanoi, being underwater creatures, want to live there. Worse, Julian will tell you that he's learned that the vodyanoi have started worshipping a creature named Dagon, "a monster that thirsts for human blood." Julian won't see any solution but to kill Dagon, and he'll suggest that you kill the acolyte at the temple on Black Tern Island (#5) to lure Dagon up from the depths.

Meanwhile, the vodyanoi priest will tell you that only some of the vodyanoi follow Dagon, and that the rest would like to see him dead. The priest will suggest that you bring the prize-winning cow from Murky Waters to the temple on Black Tern Island, and sacrifice it there. The blood from the cow will call out to Dagon, causing him to approach the altar, and then you'll be able to kill him.

The Lady of the Lake will have a solution, too. Just like Julian and the priest, she'll want you to kill Dagon (making the sentiment unanimous), but she won't want anybody or anything to die in the process. Instead, she'll ask you to bring her objects "symbolizing harmony from both communities," which she'll then use to draw out Dagon so you can kill him.

That means you'll have three methods for completing this quest:
  • Julian's Way. This is the easiest way. You'll just need to go to the temple on Black Tern Island (#5) and kill the Dagon acolyte there. That will cause some other Dagon worshippers to appear, and eventually Dagon himself will charge at you.

    It isn't possible to damage Dagon directly. Instead, you'll need to kill the worshippers. Each time a worshipper dies, Dagon will take a little damage, and then after about a dozen worshipper deaths, he'll die. Dagon can heal the worshippers, so you're probably better off using your steel sword with the fast style rather than the group style.

    When Dagon dies, he'll drop Dagon Secretions, a Sun Rune, and more, and when you notify Julian of Dagon's death, he'll reward you with 5000 experience points and a Huge Diamond worth 300 orens.

  • The Vodyanoi Priest's Way. This way is a little more complicated, because you'll have to steal the prize-winning cow from Murky Waters. To do that, you'll need to click on it and give it Dried Fruit and Nuts, which you can buy from the baker in Murky Waters. The cow will then start following you, and you'll have to take it to the temple on Black Tern Island (#5).

    Note: In case you're curious, the cut scene that plays when you row to Black Tern Island won't change to show the cow in the boat.

    When you reach the temple, the cow's name will turn blue, allowing you to attack it. But be careful here. The cow will flee when you attack it, and if it gets out of the temple, its name will turn green again, and it won't follow you any more. That will break the quest, or at least the vodyanoi priest's method for completing it, so be sure to save your game before the fight.

    When you kill the cow, Dagon will come to the temple and attack you, and the battle with him will go exactly the same as in Julian's method. Once you've killed Dagon, when you return to the vodyanoi priest, he'll reward you with a Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen and 5000 experience points.

  • The Lady of the Lake's Way. This is the most complicated method, but it will give you the best reward. To start out, you'll need to collect the right gifts for the Lady. She'll give you a clue for this objective; she'll tell you to look at her statue (#1). If you click on the statue, then you'll see mention of a Gold Bracelet and an Alabaster Figurine. To get these gifts, you'll just need to talk to the vodyanoi priest and to Julian, and they'll hand them over.

    When you give the right gifts to the Lady of the Lake, she'll give you The Lady of the Lake's Ruby, and you'll need to walk it over to one of the Dagon altars located in Dagon's temple (#5). When you place the ruby inside, Dagon will charge at you and attack, and the battle will go just the same as in the other methods. After the battle, when you return to the Lady of the Lake, she'll reward you with a silver talent and 6000 experience points.
Once you've completed the quest, three things will happen. The Lady of the Lake (#3) and the vodyanoi priest (#1) will move to the temple (#5), and that's where you'll find them for the rest of the chapter. Also, when you leave Black Tern Island, Alvin will come up to you and tell you that he'd like to become a witcher, too, and you'll have to pick a way to dissuade him. This is covered in the quest Alvin. Lastly, a new dialogue option will open up with the Fisher King (#2), and taking it will finally trick him into using some real words.

"A grumpy boob and a dimwit? I may not be the most talkative, but a grumpy boob and a dimwit?! That's harsh."

Note: You'll get the scroll Dagon Sap at the end of the quest The Paths of Destiny.

1 - Vodyanoi Priest / Statue

2 - Fisher King

3 - Lady of the Lake

4 - Crypt

5 - Dagon's Temple






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