Quest: Contracts (Chapter I)

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You'll find three contract notices on the notice board outside of the inn (#1). To gain their quests, you'll just need to pick them up and read them. The notices themselves aren't important for anything, so after reading them you can safely drop them to clear some space in your inventory.


The Barghest Contract

For this quest you'll need to collect 10 Barghest Skulls for Abigail (#2). You'll encounter barghests all around the village at night. You won't need to read up on barghests to recognize their skulls, and so you shouldn't have any trouble collecting enough for the contract.

When you deliver the skulls to Abigail, she'll reward you with 100 orens and some Mandrake Root.

The Drowner Contract

For this quest you'll need to collect 3 samples of Drowner Brain Tissue for the Reverend (#3). Drowners can be found along the riverbank at night, but you'll need to read the book Swamp Monsters to recognize their brains. You can pick up Swamp Monsters for free from one of the peasant houses (#4). You can also buy it from Abigail (#2) or from the antiquary at the inn (#1).

When you deliver the brain tissues to the Reverend, you'll receive 100 orens.

The Ghoul Contract

For this quest you'll need to collect 3 samples of Ghoul Blood for Kalkstein, who is currently staying at the inn (#1). Ghouls are much rarer than drowners and barghests, but you can find them in the crypt (#5), and sometimes you'll encounter one wandering around in the village at night. To recognize a ghoul's blood you'll need to read the book The Tome of Fear and Loathing, Volume I, which can be found at the inn, either by purchasing it from the antiquary or by winning it from a drunkard in the drinking game.

When you deliver the blood to Kalkstein, he'll reward you with 100 orens and a copy of the book Basics of Alchemy.

Note: You can also learn about ghouls and drowners by talking to certain old women in the southern and western parts of the village. If you give the women food or bribe them with orens, then they'll tell you tales, and the tales will give you the same information as books.

1 - Inn

2 - Abigail

3 - Reverend

4 - Peasant House

5 - Crypt






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