Quest: Under a Fiery Sky

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If you decided to follow the neutral path, then Zoltan Chivay will give you this quest at the Vizima Dike at the start of Chapter V.


Zoltan will tell you that Shani has set up a field hospital in Old Vizima (#1), but that the fighting between the Order and the Scoia'tael has overrun the quarter, and he'll ask you to see her to safety.

When you arrive in Old Vizima, you'll encounter a pair of nurses (#2). They'll tell you about the fighting in the quarter, and they'll ask you to escort them to the hospital. The nurses can't be damaged, so you won't need to do anything to keep them safe.

Inside the hospital, you'll meet up with Shani (who may or may not be happy to see you), but before you can say much to her, a soldier will burst into the room and tell you that a striga has been spotted at the tower (#3), and you'll have to rush off to take care of it.

After returning from the tower, you'll once again try to talk to Shani, but once again you'll be interrupted. First some Scoia'tael soldiers will enter the hospital and decide to finish off their wounded enemies, and then some Order soldiers will come in and try to do the same thing. In both cases you won't need to defend anybody (Shani and the wounded soldiers can't be killed), and so it shouldn't be too troublesome to defeat the invading soldiers.

"I need a drink. I can't believe they wanted to slaughter us!"

After the fighting, Shani will ask you to take her to the Swamp Cemetery so that she can meet up with the druids there and pick up some medicine for the wounded. She'll then leave the hospital via the western door and lead you to a breach in the western wall (Exit A). Along the way, you'll have to defeat some undead creatures (including cemetaurs and garkains), and you'll have to remove some barricades using the Aard sign. Once you've cleared the path, you'll automatically be transported to the Swamp Cemetery, and the quest will come to an end.

1 - Field Hospital

2 - Nurses

3 - Tower

  1. Breach in the wall. The breach leads to the Swamp Cemetery.






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