Quest: The Crown Witness

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You'll receive this quest the first time you talk to Raymond Maarloeve (#1).


Maarloeve will tell you that a Salamandra agent was recently imprisoned by the city guards, but when you reach the prison (#2), Jethro will decline to let you see him -- unless you bring him some Fisstech. You can find Fisstech on the bodies of bandits, you can buy it from Coleman at the Hairy Bear Inn (#3), and you can even make it yourself by mixing vermilion and quebrith with a strong alcohol.

When you give the Fisstech to Jethro, he'll tell you that the prisoner was sent to the hospital (#4). At the hospital, you'll find the prisoner in the back right wing with two city guards protecting him. If it's daytime, then the guards will tell you to come back at night. If you talk to Shani, then she'll tell you the same thing.

When you visit the hospital at night (after 10 pm), you'll find the prisoner in the same place as before. However, you won't get much out of him. He'll just say "Kalkstein" before falling unconscious, and then Ramsmeat's thugs will attack you. After fending off their attacks, you'll decide to return to Maarloeve to compare notes. Doing so will complete the quest.

1 - Raymond Maarloeve's House

2 - Prison

3 - Hairy Bear Inn

4 - Hospital






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