Stinky Elixir

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Reward: 60xp, 1450g, Scroll of Dispel

Secret tip! When you get the elixir from Old Chvakha, go into your inventory and use it before you click on the cauldron, for 200 bonus xp!

1 - Witch's Hut, Old Chvakha

After your initial dialogue, tell Old Chvakha that you like to go around helping people, which begins this quest. She'll give you a stinky elixir to use on the cauldron in front of the nearby laboratory at #2.

2 - Laboratory, Alchemical Flask

Click on the cauldron labeled "alchemical flask" in front of the laboratory, and then return to Old Chvakha to complete this quest! However, this is what also enables you to begin another quest from Sir Foritop at the Laboratory called Junk From the Cemetery. Speak to him about what you just did and you'll get that quest.


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