A Secret Weapon

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Reward: 77xp, 3000g, The Chest of Rage!
Pre-req: The King's Brother

It is advisable, especially if you are not playing the Mage, that you finish this quest as soon as possible. Then you can immediately begin gaining experience for your Spirits of Rage and use them in battle to help you out. When you finish, don't forget to talk to each spirit from your Hero panel and ask it to serve you. For the first, you'll simply fight a battle with some archmages, so you'll want to be at least level 4 or 5 to do this. For Sleem, you'll want to feed it snakes, so Marshan Swamp is the perfect place for this.

1 - Castle Kronberg, King Leonar

Speak with the King to begin this quest. He'll send you over to Master Trigius at the Magic Academy in Verlon Forest, #2 on the map.

2 - Magic Academy, Master Trigius

Ask him about collecting an artifact and you'll begin a dialogue sequence that results with you gaining the Chest of Rage. Before you can access it however, you'll need to return to the King and tell him of this chest. Afterward, talk to each spirit on your Hero panel to see what they require to be activated. You'll only be able to activate Zerock immediately with a battle, then Sleem when you feed it snakes, then later in the dwarven lands, Lina, and even later, the Reaper. Every battle, make use of one of the Spirit's abilities and at the end they'll gain xp. The more you use them, the more xp they gain, eventually gaining levels, new abilities and upgrades. The most useful early game ability I found was Sleems Evil Shoal ability. Get it and use it well.


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