The Lost Cargo of Skipper Gek

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Reward: 1600g

Scout the waters for floating chests. You can buy a boat from the Skipper.

1 - Skipper Gek

Speak with the Skipper to receive the quest. The four chests are scattered around the island, and possibly one just inside the Verlon Forest boundary. You must purchase a boat or already have one to do this quest. When you're on the boat, those shimmering curtains that look like Northern Lights are portals to another area. At the bottom you can get to Verlon Forest, where one of the chests might be. This would be a good time to sail around and collect all the loot you can fairly easily without fighting.

2 - Arlania Water

When finished retrieving the dragon's tooth, return it to the inn to receive your reward.

3 - To Verlon Forest

It seems that in different games, you may have to travel to another area by boat for a chest. In my case, just inside Verlon Forest on the water. When you've collected all four, return to the Skipper for a reward.


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