Annore and Hneya

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Reward: 3900xp, Silver Horn

This one's a bit tough early on in Ellinia as you'll be going into the Land of Death. But pick it up nonetheless. Every bit of xp helps.

1 - Elven Bard, Bard Annore

Speak with the Bard Annore to begin the quest. You'll be traveling to the Gray Wasteland and can actually take the nearby Book of Death teleporter when ready. Your goal is to find the Bandit Sheragga at #2 and avenge Hneya (- being english speaking, it's difficult not to see Hyena every time I read or try and spell the word. It's like our aamzing abliity to raed grbaled words as lnog as the frist and lsat lteters mtach up).

2 - Bandit Sheragga

Simply find him walking this path, speak with him, and you'll automatically get to the attack option. Choose it, defeat him (he's not as tough as the typical wandering monsters here), and then return to Annore. Actually - where Annore once was. Touch Annore's grave stone and you'll complete the quest.


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