A Holy Indulgence

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Reward: Anga's Ruby
Pre-req: Needs to be day time to start

If you click on the ship and it says it has transformed into a ghost ship and asks whether you want to fight the guards, don't. Come back during full daylight and try again. If you do choose to fight the quest is lost for good. The reward is perhaps the most powerful item in the game.

1 - Ship of Captain Black Eye

Speak with the Captain during daylight hours - hover over the bottom left time-of-day graphic to check - and he'll ask that you travel all the way back to Marshan Swamp and speak to the priest at the temple on his behalf. You'll find the temple at #2.

2 - Temple, Priest Owein

Talk to Priest Owein and pay the 5000g for his blessing. Now return to Captain Black Eye to receive a fantastic reward. With Anga's Ruby, when you enter the Elves' area, you can stock up on all female fighters and literally plow through armies. It's that good. Of course, you can still easily defeat enemy armies using traditional methods and armies too so don't feel like you need this in order to win because you most certainly don't.


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