Storming Creiston

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Reward: 300xp, 5400g
Pre-req: Slave-traders

Attack a castle.

1 - Castle Kronberg, King Mark

After speaking with Rotten Hake in the pre-req quest, you can ask King Mark about Baron Ahey, which begins this quest. This is not part of the main quest however. Then head to #2 to the Creiston Mines entrance.

2 - Creiston Mines Entrance

If this is your first time, ask the guard to open up the mines to you, and enter. I haven't provided the map to the mines, but it is not very difficult to navigate and there are no quests here. You might want to search through it however for the loot and battle xp. To get to the castle inside the mines, follow the left and north path, not taking any immediate ramps down, and soon you'll reach it across a bridge. Simply click on the castle to initiate the battle, and when it's over, return to King Mark for the reward!

Note the platform next to the end of the bridge leading to the castle. Step on it to take you to up to another path, which leads you right to Upper Hadar.


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