Cursed Treasure

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Reward: 20,000 gold and/or Pirate Halberd

Dig up some treasure and decide whether you want to share it.

1 - Enemy Troop, Bob Devis

Note that #1 is behind the castle, meaning that you need to enter from the north beach, or else travel north along the path from Castle Tripol. Bob Devis the enemy troop won't attack, so simply click him to initiate dialogue. During conversation, agree to help him with his cursed treasure to begin the quest.

After accepting, enter into the cave behind Bob, and proceed to the dead end, fighting an enemy on the way. Search the dead end for the ray of light that indicates it is a place you can dig. Hit the 'D' button to dig and you'll bring up the cursed treasure. Now bring it back to Bob.

Here's where you need to be careful if you want to end this peacefully. If that's the case, you'll simply need to tell him that you got the gold and halberd and nothing else. Any other option ends in attack, which still completes the quest but gives you both the gold and the halberd.


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