Maps of the Underground

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Reward: 600xp, 6300g
Pre-req: Mystery of Lyaro Island

Congratulations, this is the first major trip abroad. And it's a very cool one. As mentioned in the introduction, I'd recommend that you simply scour over both Western and Eastern Islands now, landing on beaches, grabbing loot, and running away from enemies to build up your power. You can gain a lot of leadership and power here before fighting a single foe. This is good because they are significantly tougher than what you just fought back on Darion. This particular quest is a larger quest that has you traveling to Western and Eastern Islands, then back. You likely will complete several more in the time it takes for you to complete this.

1 - Castle Kronberg, King Mark

Speak with the King to receive this next part of the main quest. Now you'll be able to travel to the Freedom Islands! Remember Kitano by the beach in northern Greenwort? Speak with him and ask that he take you to the Freedom Islands. You'll arrive at #2 in the Western Islands.

2 - Merchant Valdes

Speak with him about buying a boat (necessary) as well as Lucky James. He'll suggest you speak with Mirabella (potential wife) and Redbeard, both on the Eastern Islands. Take this time to scour around Western and Eastern Islands as mentioned above.

3 - Mirabella

Speak with her about Lucky. Choose any dialogue as it leads to the same end. Don't bother bribing her; she'll eventually tell you about the mines here in the Eastern Islands. They happen to be at #5, but before you head up, speak with Redbeard at #4 for another interim quest.

4 - Redbeard's House, Redbeard

While talking to him about Lucky James, he'll ask that you give him a Black Mark. Agree to this and you'll begin The Black Mark quest as well.

5 - Lucky James' Mines Entrance, Guard

If you accepted the Black Mark quest from Redbeard at #4, you can either bribe the guard, tell him you're delivering food, or attack. It's your choice how you enter. Inside simply follow the path to "Emerald Castle". The neutral guards won't attack unless you kill Lucky, an eventual pre-requisite to getting Mirabella as your wife. Talk to Lucky about the Maps, as well as deliver the mark per the quest from Redbeard, and you'll have a few choices. I suggest backing out of the dialogue at this point to consider.

If you want to complete Redbeard's quest, it is important that you agree to Lucky's request to kill Redbeard. Then exit, speak with Redbeard and choose not to kill him through dialogue. That completes the other quest. Now head back to the mines and you can either give him 100k gold, or simply attack him at this point. You may want to consider attacking if you're considering Mirabella for a wife, as you'll need to anyway. If you do, the guards within the mines will attack you on sight, but they're easy by this point, and worth xp.

When you have the maps, return to King Mark back in Greenwort for the reward and to begin the next in the main quest line, Slave-traders.


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