Pirate's Crops

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Reward: 5400g, 250xp, 2 Might Runes
Pre-req: Her Weight In Gold

You must be actively on the pre-req quest to get this. Collect several herbal plants.

1 - Bare Hornet

Speak with Bare Hornet again after learning the weight of Scott Morrison's wife during the pre-req quest. You're choice will be to pay the 60k gold on behalf of Morrison, or you can accept this quest to collect several herbs from one of the secret Eastern Islands. The island is at #2.

2 - Secret Island Cave Entrance

Click on the cross and you'll be teleported inside. After you defeat the enemy army inside, collect the hemptis plants scattered around, and return to Hornet for the reward, and the completion of both this and the pre-req quests!


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