Petrified Village

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Reward: 70xp, 1850g, Scroll of Target

Possibly your first battle with an item!

1 - Shepherd Boy

Speak with the Boy to receive the quest. The villagers are petrified and he asks you to seek help from the Druid Corban, who resides at #2.

2 - Druid's House, Druid Corban

Speak with Druid Corban to find out about the living amulet the boy carries. Return to the boy and in dialogue, choose to "suppress" it. If you don't and simply take the amulet, the ensuing battle is very difficult if not impossible while at low levels. When you suppress as the druid instructed, it initiates a very manageable battle. When the enemy army is defeated, return to the druid with the amulet to receive your reward.


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