The Cursed Cemetery

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Reward: 130xp, 2800g
Pre-req: Blessing the Crypts

Must have completed the pre-req quest to begin this.

1 - Furious Paladin's House, Furious Paladin

Speak with Furious Paladin after the pre-req quest to begin this one. Along the main pathway in the cemetery are statues that you simply must click on to destroy in the cemetery at #2. He asks that you destroy all twelve. Six of them are in the first entry area around #2.

2 - Cemetery

Near the main path are 12 statues you will need to click to complete the quest. When you destroy the 11th, he'll speak to you and request that you actually do not destroy the 12th. It is your choice here, but either way you will complete the quest and receive the reward when you return to him.


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