Griffin's Crown

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Reward: 1200xp, 9200g

This should probably be the last quest you complete before you leave Freedom Islands, as reaching and defeating the final castle requires facing some tough foes, at least relative to others in the Islands. To even start the quest you'll need to have completed the main quest line up to Maps of the Underground, which opens Freedom Islands up.

1 - Harl, King of the Griffins

Speak with King Harl to begin the quest. He'll ask that you recover his crown and begin your search in the Western Islands by talking to the Governor, Scott Thompson, at #2.

2 - Castle Tripol, Scott Thompson

Thompson says that Duke Sov over at Castle Totenheim is responsible. It's over on the Eastern Islands at #3, but as mentioned above, assaulting the castle is a tough battle for your current level.

3 - Castle Totenheim, Duke Sov

Approach the castle from the beach to the north or the east of the island. It cannot be reached via the south beach. Click on the castle to initiate the battle. Once he's been defeated, first return to the governor, then back to King Harl for the reward. Now you can begin his next quest, Portrait of the Griffins' King, as well as have access to many more griffins from his personal stash.


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