Rare Animals

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Reward: 63xp, 5500g (in total), Scroll of Magic Shackles, Scroll of Weakness, Scroll of Summon Phoenix

Must travel all over to find three types of creatures. You will need to have completed the Mystery of Lyaro Island quest to reach Upper Haddar and pick up the Cyclops.

1 - Magic School, Elerio Shivarius

Speak with the Elerio to receive the quest, likely after receiving the Mystery of Lyaro Island quest from the King. He asks you for 30 Lake Dragonflies, 10 Royal Snakes, and 1 Cyclops. In each my games, they have always been in the same places at #1 for Lake Dragonflies, #2 for Royal Snakes, and #3 for Cyclopses. You must have the creature(s) in your army to count, and you can turn in one set at a time.

2 - Verlon Forest, River Farm

The River Farm is in the middle of the lake in east-central Verlon Forest. When you turn them in to Elerio, you'll receive 500g.

3 - Arlania, Snakes' Underground

This skull cave is in west-central Arlania. Seek out the hut within. You will likely have to scroll right through the creature inventory to find the Royal Snakes. When you turn them in to Elerio, you'll receive 1000g.

4 - Upper Hadar, Factory

The Factory is in the southwest part of Upper Hadar. When you turn them in to Elerio, you'll receive 4000g.


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