The Titan's Tear

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Reward: 275xp

You'll be going this way anyway, so the paltry reward isn't *so* bad. Well, that and you are fulfilling a dying man's wish.

1 - Captain Monte Rodriges

Before he collapses, he'll ask that you find the Titan's Tear and deliver it to the Stone Darillas Tavern in Upper Hadar. How can you refuse? In my game the tear was in Arlania at #2, but right-click the map in your inventory to double check.

2 - Titan's Tear

Take the boat in Arlania to this spot, and dig when you see the light effect. Now take the tear through the nearby Creiston Mines cave to Upper Hadar and deliver it at #3.

3 - Stone Darillas Tavern

Simply drop it off here in Upper Hadar to fulfill Monte's last wish and receive your xp reward.


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