The Magical Dwarven Portal

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Reward: 5200xp, 29000g, 2 Mind Runes

You'll get this as you are doing one of the main quests, Dragons' Labyrinth. Requires you go into Demonis, defeat an enemy hero unit, then close the gate for good.

1 - Main Industrial Center, Chief Engineer Dabat

Speak with the Chief Engineer Dabat as you're doing the quest Dragon's Labyrinth and you'll also pick up this one. Next head out of Mehgard back to Taron Mines, then slightly south to the entrance to Underground Sea. Take the south path there around to the portal to Demonis, enter it, and continue heading east, then southeast until you reach Castle Magnis at #2.

2 - Castle Magnis, Archdemon Baal

Baal has the key you need, but don't back down from the fight else he'll banish you to an another area of Demonis and you'll have to make your way back here. Instead just fight him and he'll give you the key you seek. When finished, exit back the way you came to the Underground Sea, then click the portal in order to seal it. You won't be able to complete quests here after this, so make the decision wisely. Once you do, head to Torm Digor back in Ardan's Peaks at #3.

3 - Dwarven Capital, King Torn Digor

Simply speak to him in order to tell him of your deed, and you'll get the reward.


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