Permission to Marry

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Reward: Neoko as wife
Pre-req: Break the Orinoko Siege

Two options to get permission, but easiest is to ask the Tree.

1 - Castle Orinoko, Ebirio Glasser

After the pre-req quest (not sure if it's absolutely required as you may be able to run around them, but may as well be), speak with Neoka, flatter her, and then to Ebirio in the castle to ask permission for his daughter's hand. You'll need either the permission of Queen Violetta (who in my game at this point was still otherwise not interested due to the Violetta's Soul quest not being completed), so it's best just to ask the nearby Tree of Life at #2.

2 - Tree of Life

If you haven't yet spoken to it, it will ask that you help it first, then it will help you. That means completing the quest The Tree of Life, which is simply clearing out the area under the tree. When you've done that (either now or prior), ask for permission to marry Neoka, and your wish will be granted!


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