Rescue the Frogs

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Reward: Feonara as your wife! (Should you desire)
Pre-req: Enchanted Love

Takes you to Arlania into the Earl's dungeon to retrieve some frogs.

1 - Frog, Frog Feonara

While on the Enchanted Love quest (see pre-req), speak with Feonara the frog here, and she'll ask that you rescue her frog cousins from the dungeon of Earl Argus.

2 - Castle Netvill, Earl Argus

He opens the dungeon to you after you retrieve his love potion for him during the Enchanted Love quest. Once you're teleported inside, simply follow the linear corridor to its end where a cage of frogs resides. Don't forget to pick up the treasure and flags! When you rescue the frogs, head back to Feonara, who offers her love. Remember, if you currently have a wife, you must first ask for a divorce before taking on a new wife. She'll then take a percentage of your gold before she goes, as well as any children.


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