Her Weight in Gold

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Reward: 5400g, then 9800g + 2 Might Runes

While on this fairly short back and forth quest, you have the chance to take on another.

1 - House of the Pirate Scott Morrison

Speak with Scott and he'll ask that you help by delivering a dowry to Bare Hornet at #2 in Western Islands. He's over near the Coastal Brotherhood in the left hut.

2 - Bare Hornet

Bare Hornet sends you back to Scott to get a more current weight estimate for Scott's wife before he seals the deal. Head back to Scott and after learning her current weight, you can choose to assume the rest of his debt to Bare Hornet in exchange for an enchanted flag which turns out to be the Pirate's Flag. Then return back to Bare Hornet who determines that you must pay either 60k gold or run an errand, which initiates the Pirate's Crops quest. If you simply pay him, the quest is finished. Return after finding the crops to finish the quest if you prefer that route.


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