The Deserted Castle

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Reward: 275xp, 5400g

You'll want to at least clear the Freedom Islands before coming back here.

1 - King's old castle keeper, Richard Harmon

Speak with the knight in armor standing outside to receive the quest. To recover the treasure, simply follow these steps. Head inside the castle, then take the left passage way. Notice that there is a skeleton just to the left side of the main entry foyer that begins the quest The Headless Skeleton. It is recommended that you grab that quest, too, so you can finish both at the same time.

Follow the left passage around and to the upper northwest corner of the castle, where you'll find a balconied area with a portal. Right-clicking on the portal takes you downstairs. Now click on the portrait of Sir Radcliff to get teleported into a secret room with a lone enemy guarding a large chest. Either run the enemy around the room and grab the chest, or defeat him first. When you grab the treasure, the quest is nearly complete. Return back outside, speak again with Harmon, who tells you to go back to Greenwort and give the treasure to King Leonar. Return to the King for your just reward!


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