Carl and Martha

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Reward: 110xp, 7200g, 2 might runes, Book of Beast Rage (might be random)
Pre-req: The King's Brother

Takes you to Marshan Swamp. You might want to wait until after you've cleared most of Verlon Forest and Arlania before taking this on.

1 - Astrologer's Tower, Carl Leonar

Speak with the Carl after the pre-req quest to begin this quest. Then head over to Marshan Swamp to #2, Martha di Gonda.

2 - House on the Tree, Martha di Gonda

Martha is concerned about the age gap between then, so bids you to ask Old Chvakha at #3 for a rejuvination potion.

3 - Old Chvakha

When you speak with Old Chvakha about Martha's request, she asks that you first gather some red water lily's around the swamp. You'll find 5 of them around the swamp portion just off the main pathways. They are bright red. When you return to her with them in hand, she gladly hands a rejuvination potion over to you. Return now to Martha, and then back to Carl to complete the quest!


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