Good Beer!

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Reward: 3000xp, 22,000g

Huge reward, but takes a little while.

1 - Echo Tavern, Innkeeper Nerod

Speak with Nerod to begin the quest. He'll send you to Dalas's Brewery at #2 for better beer.

2 - Dalas's Brewery, Brewer Dalas

Dalas hands you a bag and asks you to go to the Underground Sea to gather some gerzhack to make the beer better. Head down to Taron Mines via any lift, then proceed to #3, which is around the side of Castle Bogacho.

3 - Lift to Underground Sea

Take this lift down to the Underground Sea, then proceed north and to down the ramps to the boat at #4.

4 - Boat

While on the boat something strange happens. A giant fish gobbles you up and you find yourself (and still on your horse) in its belly! Speak to the dwarf there and ask to see what he's found for the possibility of purchasing some great spells. I've found both the incredibly helpful (as a mage) Fire Rain and Armageddon here, among other places. When finished, take the boat back through the whirlpool within the fish, and proceed to the island, and dock at #5.

5 - Island

Defeat the enemy on the island and gather up all the gerzhack plants, and when finished, return to Dalas. Now take his better beer back to the Innkeeper to end the quest!


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