Egnum the Evilns-Eater

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Reward: 8 Magic Runes

Incredibly useful reward for an easy collection quest. On your way, stop by the shaman's hut at the top of the hill near the path to the Valley of a Thousand Rivers, and mention the turtle. You'll get around 16 very handy magic crystals. This isn't a quest but you won't want to miss it.

1 - House by the Waterfall, Wizard Gresekherm

Speak with Wizard Gresekherm to begin the quest, then head over the pass into Valley of a Thousand Rivers at #2.

2 - Entrance to Valley of a Thousand Rivers

Once in the valley, look for black globulous essences littered around the ground throughout the area. There should be around 15. The more you collect the greater the reward from the Wizard. Be careful not to collect these unless you're on the quest as there's a powerful negative consequence in that your army gets depleted a little each time. The black globs called Evilns are only in this valley so when you hunt and do not see any more, it's likely you've collected them all. Return to the Wizard when finished to collect the prize.


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