The Eggs of Red Dragons

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Reward: 4400xp, 31500g

Collecting red dragon eggs isn't for the meek.

1 - Necromancer's Tower, Ehno Partes

Speak with Ehno Partes at the tower to initiate the quest. Then simply head to the right and left forks from #2 to find the eggs.

Note: You can also attack Ehno rather than helping him. You'll earn less xp and gold from the battle than you will from the quest reward, but you'll get to keep the red dragon eggs. Of course, you'll also lose Ehno as a shopkeeper, so you'll have to decide which option works best for you.

2 - Red Dragon Eggs

Take both the right and left forks here to find the eggs and a dragon den, then return to Ehno to finish!


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