The Elixir of Everlasting Youth

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Reward: 2600xp, 17,500g

Fetch a recipe from a bad Orc.

1 - The residence of the house of Singing Leaves, Beaulla

Speak with Buella in her house next to the Capital to receive this quest. Now head to the Great Forest and somewhere along the path at #2 you'll find your target, Igdym Urkurshak.

2 - Great Forest, Igdym Urkurshak

Strike up a conversation with Igdym, theh attack and defeat him to get the recipe. He's fairly easy so no worries. When you've got it, return to Beaulla who notices it's ruined and asks you to go to The Tree of Life at #3 to request a new one.

3 - The Tree of Life

Speak with The Tree and ask about the recipe to get a replacement, then finally head back to speak with Beaulla again for the reward.


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