Rescue the Princess

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Reward: you'll see!
Pre-req: Dragons' Labyrinth

So here we are, at the end of this very long, satisfying game! A difficult battle vs. dragons awaits so be sure you're prepared.

1 - Orc Commander

When you exit the labyrinth you'll auto-engage with the Orc Commander. Your last quest will be finished and you'll automatically get this one. Though a cool looking place, there really isn't anything to Murock except experience and a few shops. Look around, get prepared for the final battle against dragons and head around to the northeast to #2.

2 - Bagud and Shaman Bahalum

Step 1: Speak with Bagud, attack and defeat him in combat.

Step 2: Speak with Shaman Bahalum to convince him that you need to ride the Archaplane. Just go through the dialogue as there's no real choice here.

Step 3: Speak with Bagud again, and ride the Archaplane (I won't tell you where this leads).

Step 4: When you land, you'll find Amelie at last! Speak to her to initiate the last battle between you and "Cruel Haas". There are many dragons that surround your army, of all types, including Black. It isn't overwhelming but it will be tough.

Step 5: When the army is defeated, speak to Amelie again and then King Mark to end the game! You'll see your score and statistics throughout the game, a nice feature! Congratulations on finishing - now try the expansion! :)


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