Poor Ilik

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Reward: 84xp, 1950g

2 step quest, several fights. Should come back when level 6+ for step two.

1 - Peasant

Speak with the Peasant man to receive the quest. He begs you to find his son, Ilik, trapped in the nearby cave at #2.

2 - Cave Entrance

Enter the cave, clear it for loot and hug the right wall from the entrance to find Ilik. He'll have an exclamation point over his head. There are several spider fights here. When you rescue him, return to the Peasant at #1 and now he'll ask that you gather several leaves of a special plant which grows nearby, near and around #3.

3 - Plant Leaves

You should be able to find one plant just under the dragon bridge near where the Peasant was by the water. Then travel up the path near #3 which is guarded by several fierce creature groups. You may want to come back after clearing the easier quests in the area to finish it up. The rest of the plants are on this path leading up to the robber's den, which is a merchant. When you've collected them all, head back up to the village at #4 and speak again with the Peasant for the reward.

4 - Peasant

This is where he is while he waits for you to find the plants.


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