The Enthrallment of Bogis

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Reward: 130xp, 2800g
Pre-req: Subdue Bagaba

Must have completed the battle during the pre-req quest to begin this.

1 - Castle Mudin, Frogus Bagaba

Speak with Bagaba again to receive another quest, this time to hoist his own flag at the brother Bogis's Castle, found at #2.

2 - Swamp House, Frogis Bogis

Frogis Bogis simply wants peace and so allows you without resistance to hoist his brother Bagaba's flag. Before you return to Bagaba however to complete the quest, speak with Bogis again to find out that he really doesn't like Bagaba's leadership, and thus begin the next quest, Bogis' Problem. Return now to Bagaba to complete this quest.


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