The Temptress Isshara

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Reward: 4800xp, 7800g

Aside from platform hopping, an easy quest.

1 - Isshara

Speak with Isshara to begin the quest. Next take the northeast platform down and then to #2.

2 - Tower of the Roads' Architect, Asmorey

Speak with Asmorey here, then head back to Isshara. She'll then ask you to find the trader and get a love potion. He's at #3. Start by taking the NW platform, then follow the diagram until you get there.

3 - Trader, Lew Kilsan

You'll have to bribe Lew with 20k gold in order to get the potion but isn't the xp worth it? When you have it in hand, head back to Isshara to complete the quest!


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