Lost Town Chronicles

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Reward: 120xp, 2700g

Come back to this after clearing most of the Verlon Forest and Arlania areas, as it takes you to the more difficult Marshan Swamp. Once you're in the swamp it's recommended to do the right swamp half first, then the cemetery part.

1 - Magic School, Elerio Shivarius

Speak with Elerio at the Magic School to receive this quest. He'll ask that you find the Witch Chvakha in Marshan Swamp, at #2. When you enter the swamp, head to the right and you'll see the ferryman. Ask him to take you across the water as it avoids several snake battles on the way. Or, simply fight your way there.

2 - Witches Hut, Old Chvakha

Feel free to say what you want to her, as it ends up at the same point in the dialogue tree. You'll be asked to find the enchanted crypt with the skull on top, found at #3.

3 - Enchanted Crypt

Enter it and it's a short walk to the main room. There will be a couple fights here, a chest at the end, but your prize is the bag in the center of the room, directly under the energy source. Click it to find the Chronicles, and return them to Shivarius to complete the quest!

Note: If you use the Chronicles while they're in your inventory, then you'll find a scroll of Necro Call.


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