Final Trials

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Somewhere deep within the King's castle, the tutorial takes place. It's a simple test with three parts to familiarize yourself with the game. Fortunately you're able to keep any experience, but unfortunately not your army. I'd suggest completing it each game as it really takes but a few minutes and you get a jumpstart on xp and new runes before you're released in the wild.

1 - Castle Dungeon

a) Talk with Richard

First speak with Iron Richard standing next to you. He'll open up the first portal and ask that you save the princess dummy. Don't head in quite yet. First, grab the training sword from the chest behind Iron Richard.

b) Rescue the Princess

Head through the glowing portal and as you approach the dragon (whom you don't have to fight but can have chase you), pick up any glowing or moving loot on the floor or sides. Get used to what the loot and items look like in this game, as there is plenty and you could find yourself missing some. You may as well fight the dragon for combat xp, as you won't receive it without, and you'll have plenty of troops. If not, run around the circle as he chases you. Either way, when you're near the princess dummy, click on her and the quest will be completed. Now head back through the portal to close it up. You can't come back, so make sure you pick up everything.

c) Take the Necro's Book

Talk with Iron Richard again to receive your second test to get the book from the Necromancer in the second portal. This opens the portal, so proceed through it and you'll find a lone figure. Speak to him to initiate combat. Once he's defeated, the quest updates, but before you head out, be sure to grab the treasure behind him.

d) Dig for a Piece of Mentor's Armor

Speak once again to Iron Richard, receive your last quest, then head into the third and final portal. Here's where you learn to dig. You can run around continuosly hitting the 'd' key to attempt to dig for treasure, but it will only appear when there is a glowing light from above. Search out the cavern area for glowing lights, dig on each, and eventually you'll come across the artifact (a boot). Seach around completely, then speak with Iron Richard to complete your 1st quest and be initiated as the official "Treasure Seeker" to the king! Don't worry, no matter your choice you'll always be a Treasure Seeker. Next you'll find yourself inside the castle right in the heart of Greenwort, in the continent of Darion.

Note: If you use the boot before returning it, then you'll notice 100 gold coins hidden inside. You can take the coins or not, and then when Richard comments on them, you can give some of them back or not. Nothing bad will happen if you lie and keep all 100 coins.


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