The Headless Skeleton

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Reward: Access to the secret treasure room.

You'll want to at least clear the Freedom Islands before coming here for this and the The Deserted Castle quest.

1 - The Deserted Castle

Head inside the castle and you'll find a headless skeleton who can talk, just inside on the left against a wall. Start up a conversation and accept his quest to find his missing head. The head can be in several places but is always on the ground and looks like a skeleton head. It can be almost anywhere but is usually in a hallway or intersection, especially on the left side of the castle or left-center close to the garden in one of the hallways. Move your cursor around on every skeleton head you see on the ground until you find one that is clickable. The castle isn't very big but there are many enemies to fight through for xp. When you find the head, return it the the skeleton, then speak to him again to be told of a secret alcove on the left side of the castle. Inside you'll find some treasure.


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