Tree of Life Sprout

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Reward: 4400xp, 2 Scrolls of Life Light
Pre-req: The Tree of Life

Takes you into the more dangerous Death Valley! But you can skirt around most enemies here, or even take a boat!

1 - Tree of Life

After the pre-req quest speak with the Tree again and you'll get his next request, which to plant a sprout next to the Tree of Death. To follow up, head northeast to the nearby Book of Death at #2.

Note: If you use the sprout while it's in your inventory, then you'll gain +1 Intelligence.

2 - Book of Death

Activate the Book of Death to be teleported to Death Valley. From there, head to #3 south along the eastern coast.

3 - Tree of Death

Simply click the Tree of Death and plant the sprout, and it will transform into another Tree of Life. Then you'll be done!


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