The Black Mark

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Reward: 4200g, 275xp
Pre-req: Maps of the Underground

You must be on your way to finding Lucky James during the pre-req quest to receive this.

1 - Redbeard's House

Speak with Redbeard during the pre-req quest, and then ask to find Lucky to receive an offer to deliver his Black Mark to Lucky James. Now head up the path to the guard at #2.

2 - Lucky James Cave Entrance, Guard

Speak with the guard and you'll have a few options, one of those Redbeard's suggestion - that you're delivering food. Any option will get you past, whether it be to bribe, lie, or fight. When you're in, head back to the "Emerald Castle". Now this is the tricky part. Bring up the Black Mark in conversation and actually agree to kill Redbeard for Lucky. Then, as soon as you do, back out of the conversation, head back down the path and tell Redbeard that you won't actually kill him. This completes the quest. Now, head on back to the castle if you're on the Maps quest to complete it too.


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