Violetta's Soul

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Reward: 4400xp
Pre-req: Queen Violetta

Though you'll get this quest fairly early in Ellinia, it's recommended - and you'll see why - that you wait until you're all done with the three Elven areas until you take on General Karador.

1 - Elves Capital, Kay-Lear

While you're speaking with Kay-Lear about the Crystal of Darkness while on the pre-req quest, you'll automatically receive this one. He'll send you to the Tree of Life at #2.

2 - Great Forest, The Tree of Life

Speak with the Tree and ask for help in fighting General Karador at Castle Necrocom. He'll put you on the path - now find and enter the nearby Book of Death at #3.

3 - Book of Death

Click on this and then make your way to southern Death Valley to Castle Necrocom at #4.

3 - Castle Necrocom, General Karador

There are several tough armies on the path to the Castle. When you make it through them, click on the castle and go into battle with General Karador. It's a standard castle battle with many tough troops and one crystal at the end. When you've defeated the troops, make sure you take out the crystal to finish it up. Now head back to Kay-Lear to finish this up and move on to one of the final main quests, Dragon's Labyrinth.


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