Portrait of the Griffins' King

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Reward: 100xp, 3200g
Pre-req: Griffin's Crown

The next quest is almost not worth the effort for the payoff, but since you'll be going through Creiston Mines anyway, wait until you are on the quest Slave-traders to run through it, as that quest is what opens them to you.

1 - Harl, King of the Griffins

Speak with King Harl to begin the quest after completing his last. He'll ask that you fetch the portrait from Alex Artist at #2. Of course it's not that simple.

2 - Artist's House, Alex Artist

Alex says that he requires gold gilt to be able to continue the portrait, and you should ask the dwarf Decar at #3.

3 - Dwarf Decar

The dwarf of course needs something in order for him to offer the gilt to you, so you must enter Creiston mines for 7 pieces of ore, at #4.

4 - Creiston Mines Entrance

Within the mines, you'll need to search everywhere. This map is not very big, but you'll need to search each path and look for 7 glowing red ore carts. In one of my games, I found one in a cave, so be sure to tilt the camera if you're having trouble finding the seventh. Likely you will also need to take the air lift near the castle up to the 2nd part of the mines on your way to Upper Hadar and find one or two up there as well. When you've completed this, return to the dwarf, who gives you the gilt.

Now return the gilt to Alex Artist, who asks for 10k more gold from the King in order to complete it. Either of your dialogue choices results in the same end, however if you convince him that it is an honor to paint for the king rather than becoming excited about it (in the dialogue), it eliminates an extra trip back and forth between the artist and King Harl. When you've got the portrait, return it to the King to complete this rather long quest.


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