The Wayward Book

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Reward: 3000xp, 24500g, 3 Scrolls of Book of Evil

Enter a small dungeon full of mostly lesser dragons, then fight an evil book.

1 - Necromancer's House, Necromance Kvorum

Speak with Kvorum and you'll automatically get this quest. Next head to #2 and enter the stairs down to the Dragons' Caves. Alternatively you can take other nearby stairs but this is one way.

2 - Entrance to the Underground, Dragons' Caves

Take these stairs down and then search through the small underground dungeon's corridors until you find a book of evil (with the quest destination animation above it) hopping around. Click it and enter into battle. There are a few sets of black dragons in this battle, but it shouldn't be too bad. When finished, head back up and to Kvorum to collect your reward.

Note: When you defeat the book, you'll gain a Book of Evil item in your inventory. If you use it while it's there, then you'll receive a Book of Evil scroll.


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