Dragons' Labyrinth

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Reward: 5500xp, Xeona as wife (optional)
Pre-req: Violetta's Soul

Involving quest that takes you to several continents and then through a labyrinth. This is the single longest quest in the game to complete, but I didn't find it boring.

1 - Elves' Capital, Queen Violetta

When finishing up the pre-req quest, you'll then receive this. Your first task will be to travel to Mehgard via the train in Upper Hadar, then head down via the lift to the Main Industrial Complex, where you'll find chief engineer Debat.

2 - Taron Mines, Exit to Ardan's Peaks

From this exit in Taron Mines, head to Ardan's Peaks.

3 - Ardan's Peaks, Train to Mehgard

Speak with the dwarf here to take the train to Mehgard.

4 - Mehgard, Main Industrial Complex, Chief Engineer Dabat

Take the path clockwise around the central canyon, around to the lift down, then speak with Dabat to get information on the key you must get from Demonis. Also pick up the quest The Magical Dwarven Portal. Now head back up to the train, back to Ardan's Peaks, and Taron Mines. Then head to #5, the nearby exit to the Underground Sea.

5 - Taron Mines, Exit to Underground Sea

Take this exit to the Underground Sea.

6 - Underground Sea, Portal to Demonis

Follow the south path around to the portal to Demonis.

7 - Demonis, Platform to Floating Island

When entering Demonis, take the northeast path until you reach the platform at #7, which will take you to #8. You may want to stop by Castle Magnis to have a meeting with and defeat Archdemon Baal for his key regarding the Magical Portal quest linked above.

8 - Demonis, Platform

When you land here, head to the platform at #9.

9 - Demonis, Platform

Take this platform to #10.

10 - Demonis, Platform

When you land here, take the platform at #11 to nearby Castle Nexy.

11 - Demonis, Platform

Take this platform to Castle Nexy.

12 - Castle Nexy, Demon Keykeeper and Xeona

You'll need the key from the Demon Keykeeper but you'll have to go through Xeona first. Here's another opportunity for you to get a wife but either way you'll need to fight her for the key. Be domineering as she likes that. When you're finished with the fight, you can take her as a wife, and/or also ask for the key. Then speak with the Demon Keykeeper and he'll oblidge. When you have it (and are finished with the quests here), backtrack all the way to Ellinia and Valley of a Thousand Rivers to #13, the huge mechanical gate.

13 - Huge Mechanical Gate, Entrance to Haas' Labyrinth

Using the key you got from Demonis, enter through the gate and speak with Dragon Skaar in area 1. You'll also receive the Seven Forms of Haas quest. When you finish the labyrinth, exiting through area 26 to Murock, your quest will auto update and you'll get the xp reward. While in conversation with the Orc Commander there, you'll then automatically begin the final quest, Rescue the Princess. The guide below describes how to finish the labyrinth.

Each area has from one to 3 portals that lead to another area. There are 26 areas in total and they are all small in size. The entrance is in area 1 and the exit in area 26. There is an outdoor section and indoor section. Most of the time you can simply backtrack while remembering some of the consistent landmarks, such as named buildings or block towers. Infrequently, a portal you just went through will lead to a different area than from whence you came, but you'll always be able to find your way back eventually. It's really not that bad, just somewhat confusing and hey, here's a guide to it anyway!

Each area is noted by its landmark, then the areas the portals lead to (including the one you just came through).

Outdoor Areas:
(1) Pirate's Hut >>> (2) (4) (EXIT back to Ellinia)
(2) Block Tower >>> (3) (1)
(3) Temple of Delights >>> (2)
(4) Magic Garden >>> (5) (6) (1)
(5) Dragon's Den and Face >>> (8) (4)
(6) Witch's Hut >>> (7) (9) (4)
(7) Family Crypt >>> (8) (6)
(8) Giant Mushroom >>> (9) (7) (5)
(9) Cliff w/ Viking Ship Below >>> (10) (8)
(10) Viking Ship >>> (11) (9)

Indoor Areas:
(11) Forester's House >>> (12) (10)
(12) Block Tower and Rock >>> (13) (11)
(13) Odlom >>> (14) (12)
(14) Wagon Wheel >>> (15) (16) (13)
(15) Tree w/ Cocoons >>> (17) (19) (14)
(16) Block Tower and Central Rock >>> (19) (24) (14)
(17) Dragon's Den Down Side Path >>> (18) (15)
(18) Stone Face >>> (17) (13)
(19) Smithy >>> (20) (16) (15)
(20) Knight's Tent >>> (21) (19)
(21) Dragon's Den and Pond >>> (22) (22 via different portal) (20)
(22) Ancient Altar >>> (23) (21)
(23) Magic Tree >>> (24) (22)
(24) Stone Fence >>> (25) (23) (21)
(25) Elven Statue >>> (26) (24)
(26) Tyrhat >>> (EXIT to Murock) (25)


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