Black Unicorns

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Reward: 1200xp, 11000g

A slightly longer quest that requires travel to Death Valley, the most difficult area in Ellinia. However, once in Death Valley, it is fairly easy to get to the destination without fighting via boat.

1 - Elunium, a black unicorn

Speak with the Elunium (who's trotting around the area) to begin the quest. Next take the north exit into the Great Forest, then straight south from the main road to get to the Elean the druid's house at #2.

2 - Druid's House, Elean

Elean will ask that you find and stop Velisar in Death Valley. He's apparently been corrupted. Now find a book of death, and take it into the Land of Death. Once you're in Death Valley, proceed to #3, the Black Druid's House.

3 - Black Druid's House, Velisar

No combat or negotation needed here. Velisar will repent on his own and ask you to take his staff to Elean. Now go and do this to complete the quest!

Note: If you use Velisar's staff while it's in your inventory, then you'll gain a mind rune.


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