Kill the Ghost

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Reward: 77xp, 2000g
Pre-req: The Ghost of Gostrim

Must have the pre-req quest active to get this option.

1 - Castle Gefen, Baron Norge

Speak with the Baron while on the pre-req quest to receive this option. If you don't immediately kill the Baron at the request of the Ghost, you'll be able to accept his request to turn the tables on the ghost at #2.

2 - Ghost of Baron Gostrim

If you accept this quest and go back to the ghost, you can actually negotiate with the ghost (simple dialogue choice) to get 1000g more by not killing him (thus not completing this quest) and doing what you were originally asked by the ghost - going back to Baron Norge and taking him out. However, if you kill the ghost, you'll get the Baron's reward and xp. Your call. It has no outcome on the game's later events.


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