Junk From the Cemetery

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Reward: 100xp, 2900g
Pre-req: Stinky Elixir

Must have completed the pre-req quest to begin this. Takes you inside the cemetery portion of the map. Might wait to complete the swamp portion first, however there isn't much of a difference in difficulty.

1 - Laboratory, Sir Foritop

Speak with the Sir Foritop after using the Stinky Elixir on the cauldron during pre-req quest to begin this quest. Let him know what you've done and it will initiate this one. Then head over to #2 to find the Zombie with the bag that Foritop desires.

2 - Zombie Noric

Walking around this portion will be Noric the zombie. Click on him, ask for the bag, and then simply return back to Foritop for your reward. You'll subsequently have the option of killing the zombie for xp, but that is up to you.

Note: If you use Noric's bag while it's in your inventory, then you'll find a purse in it worth over 500 gold coins (the exact amount is random).


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