Dragon's Heart

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Reward: 84xp, 1600g

Simple delivery and return quest.

1 - Dragon Attah

Speak with the Dragon to receive the quest. He'll give you a dragon amulet to give to Gelena who's at #2 in Castle Gefen. Head there now and speak with her.

2 - Castle Gefen, Gelena

Speak with Gelena inside the castle (who the other person is does not matter for this quest), and you can either choose to give her the amulet or tell her that the dragon demands that she return. If you are nice and first give her the amulet, then she promises to return to the dragon and you'll complete the quest. If you choose option 2 and fail to give her the amulet, then she refuses. When you return to the dragon you'll either get the reward and find Gelena there, or if Gelena refused, he'll be furious and you'll actually have to fight him. He was a stack of 2 black dragons in my game.
The dragon is also a merchant with a few lower level creatures.


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