Troubles in the Mill

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Reward: 77xp, 2100g
Pre-req: Invasion of the Thorns

Several step quest which you can do the first couple steps easily enough, but should be at least level 5 or 6 to finish it up. If at any time you kill Zombie Miller, the quest is failed (which affects your score at the end of the game, if that matters to you).

1 - Elder Evtid

Speak with him to get the quest after you complete the pre-req quest. He'll send you to see the zombie inside the windmill at #2.

2 - Windmill, Zombie Miller

Enter and speak with the zombie inside. Then head to the magic school at #3.

3 - Magic School, Shivarius

Speak with the arch mage inside, and ask about the zombie and curse. Then head back to #2 to speak with the zombie, who sends you to #4 to see Rotten Hake who has the cursed ring.

4 - Robbers Den, Rotten Hake

To get here you can either take a boat from the north shore, or go around the back and fight your way. This area is guarded by more difficult creatures, so you might want to come back when you're slightly more powerful. When you ask about his ring, he'll tell you that he gave it to his wife Rina, now a zombie. At this point you can speak with Rina and either convince her to give it to you or fight her.

WIFE: RINA. At this point you should make a decision. It is possible to get Rina as a wife if you first flatter her, then sympathise with her and suggest taking turns with the ring. If you fight her, you can still complete the miller quest but cannot complete Rina's quest or have the possibility of her as your wife. If you get the ring from her without a fight, you'll recieve the bonus quest Hake's Consort.

When you receive the ring, you'll have to remove the curse. Take it back to the magic school, ask about the curse, and you'll find out about supressing its keepers. This is not a particularly tough fight if you are level 5+. Simply right click the ring in your hero inventory, then choose "suppress". You'll enter into a battle on a large hexagon with keepers. Concentrate on destroying the imp towers first as they usually have pretty powerful spells to toss back at you. When the battle is over, return to the magic school to learn how to uncurse the miller, then return to him, say the correct magic words, free him, and return to Evtid for your reward! Don't forget to return to Rina and do the same to complete her quest too.

Note: If you say the magic words properly on your first try, then you'll gain +1 Intelligence.


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