Archmage Rezo

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Reward: 275xp, 8200g

It's recommended to wait until you are around level 15+ to complete this. However, you can get in a few fights on lower floors which are easier than the battle at the end.

1 - Magic Tower, Archmage Rezo

Speak with Archmage Rezo to begin this quest. He opens his tower to you and you're to travel up to the 3rd floor and do battle with the "Staff of Destruction". Each floor is very small with some loot and enemis. The staff battle is a pretty tough one but you may find the archmage armies below somewhat more manageable to do before hand. When you fight the Staff on the 3rd floor, you'll be teleported to a new battlefield with several Gremlin Towers. In each of these battles, take them down first, as they often cast powerful magic each round.


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