Missing Gerda

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Reward: 300xp, 4400g, Wife Gerda

Can get Gerda the remarkable dwarven lass as your wife as a result.

1 - Inspector Bon Gan

Speak with Tadum Reg within the castle to begin the quest. His daughter has gone missing and it will be up to you to find her. First you'll need to take the nearby lift at #2 to Upper Hadar, then eventually to the Cyclops Cave.

2 - Lift to Upper Hadar

Take this lift up to Upper Hadar.

3 - Lift to Lower Hadar

Proceed to #4 for the cave.

4 - Cyclops Cave

Enter the cave and it's a straight shot past a few wandering cyclops armies to Gerda. Simply talk to her and then you can return back to Tadum Reg for the reward. Afterward, at any time if you are without a wife, you can speak to him to have yourself and Gerda join in holy matrimony.


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