Enchanted Love

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Reward: 110xp, 2600g

Takes you into Marshan Swamp. You might want to wait until you complete most of Verlon Forest and Arlania before coming here.

NOTE: Completing this quest can lead to a new wife, Feonara.

1 - Castle Netvill, Earl Argus

Speak with Earl Argus to receive this quest. He'll ask that you travel to Marshan Swamp to find a frog for him to marry. The particular frog is at #2.

2 - Frog, Frog Feonara

By speaking with the frog about Earl's situation, she requests that you go back to the castle and rescue her frog cousins from the Earl's dungeon, thus beginning the quest, Rescue the Frogs which must be completed simultaneously from then on. First head back to the castle and speak with Earl.

By speaking with him, you convince him to find a "normal" woman, so he bids you to enter the nearby cave at #3 (Snakes Underground), and ask Witch Helga for a love potion.

3 - Cave Entrance, Witch Helga

The cave opening is shaped like a skull. Beware roaming packs of Royal Snakes. Fortunately, the witch living in the main area of the cave sells them too, so be sure to stock up and keep them alive! They are some of the best units in the game relatively speaking. She'll gladly give you the love potion, so now return to the Earl with the potion in hand to complete the quest! This simultaneously unlocks his dungeon for you so that you can complete Feonara's quest.


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