Queen Violetta

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Reward: 1100xp
Pre-req: Treaty with the Dwarves

This quest finally takes you to the land of the Elves, Ellinia. From Ellinia, you'll be able to teleport to and from the Land of Death via magic books (Books of Life and Death) scattered around. These will be easily visible just off the main road in the areas you'll encounter. Some creatures in the three areas of Ellinia (Magic Valley, Valley of a Thousand Rivers, and Great Forest) can be pretty tough for your level, especially the groups with dragons. The Land of Death is even worse. If you're finding yourself overly challenged, and have Anga's Ruby or can still get the Holy Indulgence quest, you might want to try out the Ruby and a set of all she-fighters. Any creatures that can spawn other target creatures can be invaluable, such as the Dryad. Phantom is a good spell because enemies will often attack the phantom stack instead of your real one. That along with Kamikaze can be a decent combo for a mage.

When you first arrive you'll be in Magic Valley. The castle with Queen Violetta is in Valley of a Thousand Rivers to the east. I suggest buying a boat right off and sailing around the entire continent just as you did in the Freedom Islands, picking up everything you can and avoiding fights until you're ready. You can do this too in the Land of Death in the Gray Wasteland starting from the southern village.

1 - Castle Kronberg, King Mark

Speak with King Mark after completing the pre-req quest to begin this next in the main quest line. Then head up to the north beach to Kitano and ask to sail to Ellinia. You'll arrive in Magic Valley at #2.

2 - Boatman Ivar Kamelie

Speak with Ivar to purchase a boat and to learn about the land, including the Books of Death that take you to the Land of Death. In fact there's a Book of Death nearby that you can take when you want to get to Gray Wasteland. You'll be able to avoid monsters there and get to the south town and purchase another boat. For now, I suggest taking a boat completely around Ellinia then trying some of the groups you can handle on your way to #3. The easiest way to the Elven Capital is by boat, then sneak up from the south shore.

3 - Elves' Capital Daloer, Kay-Lear and Queen Violetta

When you make it to the Queen, she's not feeling herself and you instead must speak with Kay-Lear. When you learn about the Crystal of Darkness, you're given the next in the main quest line, Violetta's Soul. Congratulations, you're nearing the end game! It's time to start beefing up your character in preparation. Fight every fight you are able to and max out your talents, leadership and troops, and you'll be able to defeat anything the game throws at you.


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